After 15 years on the radio in Boston, Miami, Dallas, D.C. and others, I built this voice over and audio production studio in Florida in 1995.  Quality gear, with a U-87a, Manley VoxBox chain just like the best booths in the world. I've had the privilege to represent some amazing clients and products, and work with incredibly talented and creative people. Watch for a client list page soon as the website grows.

You've likely heard my voice already via my ISDN studio, on Advertising, Trailers, Promo, Board Rooms and Training software, kids toys, Animation, DVD Games, even in flight aboard Delta International. Plus Brann's Restaurant, Political strategists, Ron Sachs Media, Dish Network, AppRiver, Florida State University, Hot Wheels, Coors, T-Mobile, and many more.

Saying anything weekdays on both Commercial and Public radio, and Sunday's in the Fall at EverBank Field as the PA Announcer for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Specialties: Over 30 years pro experience, easy tDSCN1438o direct, fun to work with, extremely versatile and professional. Great cold reader with no regional accent... unless requested.

Dream Jobs? A long running animated series gig, Game Show Host... or harmonica player in a Blues Band with a smokin horn section. Of course, it's hard to beat working right here in the studio. Close to the pool.

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